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Green way of thinking

  • 100% waterless urinals
  • Lower maintenance, labor and service cost
  • Save hundreds of thousands of liters of water per year
  • No water readiness is required, only a functioning drain is required
  • Made of durable polycarbonate, which makes the products resistant to breakage
  • Many models can contribute to additional income as urinals can be used as both a passive and digital advertising channel

Care about the environment

  • 1 High quality polycarbonate urinal, 100% recyclable
  • 2 Patented technology strainer that saves at least 100,000 liters of clean drinking water per urine per year! This means that 17.5kg less exhaust is automatically deposited in the environment!
  • 3 Microbiological purification system
  • 4 You can make yourself visible through advertising

Waterless urinals



ID: 15.001
4,2 kg



ID: 16.001
4,4 kg
passive advertising screen



ID: 16.981
5,5 kg
LCD video screen
WiFi and USB



ID: 14.001
3,5 kg
passive advertising screen



ID: 14.981
4.5 kg
LCD video screen
WiFi and USB



ID: 12.201
21 kg



ID: 12.301
12,5 kg



ID: 18.001
all RAL colours
6 kg

Eco and compact models

Innovative and functional design urinals are made of durable high-tech plastic. Thanks to this, there are no water, chemicals or unpleasant odors. Patented mechanical drainage trap and microbiological cleaners ensure smooth and odorless operation.

Ceramic models

Elegance meets technology. The absence of a flushing system and sharp urinal edges actively prevent any build-up of residues. The ceramic urinal made of URIMAT non-porous glaze ensures that no residues are formed. Patented mechanical drainage trap and microbiological cleaning agents ensure smooth and odorless operation of the device.

Inox models

The combination of intelligent concept and perfect elegance. The urinal is made entirely of V2A stainless steel with an exclusive URIMAT design. Its negative inward curve frame gives the model a unique and inimitable shape with clear and elegant contours. The spray-preventing shape protects the environment and prevents dirt from accumulating on the floor, which makes cleaning and cleaning much easier. The model is lightweight, weighs only 6 kg and is easy to install thanks to a full-face mounting frame. The Inox urinal is resistant to various acids, refractory and available in all RAL colors.

Activetrap tehnology

The patented URIMAT MB-ActiveTrap technology collects the liquid and directs it to the drainage system, while blocking unpleasant odors. There is a microbiological cleaning block in the stairwell, which prevents residues from being deposited in the stairway itself as well as in the sewage system. As soon as the flow of liquid through the gutter stops, the gutter’s vertical membrane forms an automatic air-tight seal.

When the cube inside the gutter is dissolved, a red alert on the gutter indicates that the gutter has been replaced. The life span of a single ladder is approximately 8,000-12,000 applications.

Code: 52.102

Check out the extras

Cleaning preparations
Cleaners MB-Active Cleaner

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Partition and design element together

URIMAT uses elegantly designed urinal dividers made by Trespa®. These durable partitions have a smooth surface, good hygienic properties and are extremely strong. They are also very easy to clean.

URIMAT urinal partitions are a great design element for your toilet. Partitions are available with tempered safety glass.

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Mounting frame
Installation frame for initial installation and renovation

URIMAT the mounting bracket ensures precise fit and easy installation using only 4 screws.

The four mounting brackets ensure a very strong mounting and allow precise horizontal and vertical alignment.

Art. 58.515  Macro-Fix installation for URIMAT plastic urinals
Art. 58.520  Kera-Fix installation for URIMAT ceramic urinals.

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Urinals with automatic waterless cleaning system



ID: 12.402
19 kg
110V / 220V



ID: 18.001
all RAL colours
7 kg
110V / 220V


URIMAT-CS – The latest innovation in anhydrous cleaning technology!

Easy to maintain – Maintenance saves you both time and money
Fully automated – programmable cleaning intervals
Alternating LED display – Displays the functional status and the level of cleaning agents

Ecological and sustainable, resource-efficient, water-free cleaning system

Easy installation – quick installation with simple installation system
Protects drain pipes – MB-Active Cleaner-CS minimizes sediment in the drain
Maximum hygiene – regular cleaning intervals
Requires little cleaning – measurable degree of purification
Maximum safety at work – patented URIMAT MB-Active technology

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